Amulet: Book One: The Stonekeeper

By Kazu Kibuishi (Scholastic)APB 82 Amulet Stonekeeper crop

When their mother is kidnapped and carried away by a creature not-of-this-world, siblings Emily and Navin cross a fantastic hidden threshold into that world to try and rescue her.  Armed only with an amulet that dispenses some degree of advice and help, Emily strives to protect her brother as they venture further afield in this foreign land to save their Mom.  As they discover allies (and enemies) along the way, they also find mysteries that multiply with each answer they secure.  Compelling, inventive and beautifully illustrated in full-color, the Amulet series offers a continuing story with additional novels that will keep readers hooked and always on the lookout for the next Amulet!

BLOG NOTE:  My kids, typically careless with book order, keep their Amulet books together and in order lest one of these treasured favorites slip away. (I’m elated because I also dig the dog outta this series and re-read when I can!)

Reviewed and recommended by “A Page in a Book” by Gerry Smith



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