The Day the Crayons Quit


By Drew Daywalt, Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers (Philomel)

When young Duncan opens his coloring box, Duncan discovers his crayons gone and in their place, a collection of letters explaining why they’ve quit. His crayons have essentially gone on strike, complaining of their poor working conditions –  each color has their own sad story to tell.  Red is overworked (coloring fire engines and covering the big holidays of Christmas and Valentine ’s Day). Beige is underworked (and suggests more fields of wheat in drawings).Yellow and Orange both believe they are the true color of the sun and are not currently speaking to each other. And poor White doesn’t even get used without Black’s outline! The resignation letters are hilarious – and full of the crayons’ self-serving tips for young readers to discover new ways to use ALL the colors at their disposal. From the furious scribbler to the finicky colorist, the laugh-out-loud title will become a top shelf favorite for every budding artist in the family.

Reviewed and recommended by “A Page in a Book” by Gerry Smith

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