Frank Herbert’s “Dune”: That About Covers It

Right about the time when science fiction’s ‘golden age’ was dimming in the mid-sixties, author Frank Herbert was shopping around to publishers a dense manuscript set largely on a desert world.

It was a vast anthropological, environmental and political sci-fi epic that was rejected by every publisher. Except Chilton (yes, the Chilton that is best known for publishing auto repair manuals). And thank Muad’dib…they published it.

To mark the birthday of Frank Herbert, the visionary author of one of Sci-fi literature’s most enduring and influential worlds – here’s a selective collection of “Dune” book covers and illustrations – from the spare to the far out –  that remain signature visual reminders of Herbert’s landmark work.

bday 10-8 coverENCYCLO

bday 10-8 FrankHerbert_ChapterhouseDune_1st-No-ship

bday 10-8 Frank Herbert Ornithopter-RoadtoDune

bday 10-8 frank herbert notebooks of

bday 10-8 frank herbert dune cover

bday 10-8 frank herbert dune cover art

bday 10-8 Dune Frank Herberst first

bday 10-8 ChildrenOfDune_FullCover


bday 10-8 dune messiah cover

bday 10-8 dune-herbert-frank-hardcover-cover-art

bday 10-8 herbert God Emperor of Dune

bday 10-8 herbertGodEmperorOfDune

bday 10-8 frank h Rare Dune art from Omni

This image was recently pulled from the archives of Omni magazine. It was reported to be highly commended by Frank Herbert as an accurate depiction of the Dune he imagined.



One thought on “Frank Herbert’s “Dune”: That About Covers It

  1. Technically the Golden Age refers ONLY to the heyday of magazines — i.e. 1938-1946 science fiction… so, the 50s weren’t the Golden Age nor were the 60s. AND, he had already published sections of his novel in magazines by the early 60s….

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