How Santa was Busted in a Book Store

december the truth about santa busted

So ‘Santa’ got busted by one of the twins in our local bookstore yesterday.

I was  shopping with the twins in our local book mecca. Rowan peeled off quickly to go read in the Kids fiction section. Malcolm stuck with me while I wandered around. When we stopped to admire the Hobbit display, Malcolm turned to me and – finally -asked…

MALCOLM: “Mom, are you Santa?”

I need to point out that the twins are ten and to this point appeared to fully believe in Santa-Tooth Fairy-Easter Bunny et al. so I had no indication “the question” would come in this moment.

Seeing the real fear of the answer in my son’s eyes. I gently responded

ME: “What do you think?”

MALCOLM: “I don’t know. Just tell me, Are you really Santa?”

I put my arm around him and told him that I was one of millions of parents who help keep the “magic” of Santa alive while children are small. I explained that once kids are old enough to see how parents help Santa, they are old enough to keep the magic going for younger children.  I told him that his question meant that he was growing up and I was so happy that now he could join the “grown-ups” and keep the magic of Santa going from the other side.

He looked sad for a minute. Then he took my hand, looked at me with relief and said..

MALCOLM: “Thanks for telling me the truth.

–long pause —

MALCOLM: Honestly, I was just worried that you were going to tell me that the Elf of the Shelf wasn’t moving around on his own.”

ME: “Uhm…”.

MALCOLM: “Oh my GOD!. MOM! Are YOU moving the Elf?!!”

ME: “Uhm…well…What do you think?”

UPDATE: After digesting this critical need-to-know data overnight, Malcolm came home from school today…and gave me a knowing “Santa-like” wink as his sister ran into the house and to begin looking for where her elf had ‘moved’.  One down, one to go.

learning the truth about santa

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