Bibliophile Birthday: Mark Twain

“A person who won’t read has no advantage over the person who can’t read”

Mark Twain, born on November 30, 1835

bday 11-30 mark twain quote Bday 11-30 Mark Twain bday 11-30 Mark_Twain_and_Louise_Paine bday 11-30 twain color bday 11-30 twain reading cabin bday 11-30 Twain reading

Here Lies…the Author, the Poet, the Storyteller

grave burial tombstones

On this holiday that originally celebrated the thinning of the veil between the world of the dead and the world of the living,  it seems like a good time to bring us (and our favorite writers of yore) together. This assemblage of images shares the final resting place of celebrated authors and poets in appreciation of their imagination and story-telling brilliance which supersedes a mere grave. Read something great in remembrance of writers this All Hallows Eve!

Devouring Good Books…On National Cake Decorating Day

It’s National Cake Decorating Day!

Seriously, there’s a calendar event for this. So, HEY!  It’s the perfect day to serve up these delectable images of literature-themed cake!

Raise your forks and tip your hats to the awesome friends and family who KNEW these particular cakes were PERFECT for their dedicated reader! (and go ahead and bend the knee to the amazing cake artists who created these masterpieces!)

Harry Potter Cake (via

bday 10-15 Harry Potter cake

Hobbit Home in the Shire Cake (via imgur)

cake hobbit shire

Eye of Sauron Cake (via

cake eye sauron lotr

Narnia Birthday Cake (via Cake Wrecks)

cake narnia

Game of Thrones Cake (via

cake game of thrones iron

A Map of Middle Earth Cake (via groovycraftchick)

cake middle earth map lotr

Jane Austen Cake (via sprinklebakes)

cake jane austen

Lord of the Rings – Minas Tirith Cake  (via

cake LOTR Minas Tirith

Hogwarts Cake (via

"Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix" Premiere

The Hunger Games Cake (via

cake the hunger games

Effie Trinket Cupcakes (via

cake hunger games effie trinket cupcakes

Where the Wild things Are Cake (via

cake where wild things are

Alice in Wonderland Cake (via zentertainment)

cake alice wonderland

Wizard of Oz Cake (via

cake wizard of oz

And last, but not least…. BOOM!

Moby Dick Cake (via tumblr)

cake moby dick 2

Frank Herbert’s “Dune”: That About Covers It

Right about the time when science fiction’s ‘golden age’ was dimming in the mid-sixties, author Frank Herbert was shopping around to publishers a dense manuscript set largely on a desert world.

It was a vast anthropological, environmental and political sci-fi epic that was rejected by every publisher. Except Chilton (yes, the Chilton that is best known for publishing auto repair manuals). And thank Muad’dib…they published it.

To mark the birthday of Frank Herbert, the visionary author of one of Sci-fi literature’s most enduring and influential worlds – here’s a selective collection of “Dune” book covers and illustrations – from the spare to the far out –  that remain signature visual reminders of Herbert’s landmark work.

bday 10-8 coverENCYCLO

bday 10-8 FrankHerbert_ChapterhouseDune_1st-No-ship

bday 10-8 Frank Herbert Ornithopter-RoadtoDune

bday 10-8 frank herbert notebooks of

bday 10-8 frank herbert dune cover

bday 10-8 frank herbert dune cover art

bday 10-8 Dune Frank Herberst first

bday 10-8 ChildrenOfDune_FullCover


bday 10-8 dune messiah cover

bday 10-8 dune-herbert-frank-hardcover-cover-art

bday 10-8 herbert God Emperor of Dune

bday 10-8 herbertGodEmperorOfDune

bday 10-8 frank h Rare Dune art from Omni

This image was recently pulled from the archives of Omni magazine. It was reported to be highly commended by Frank Herbert as an accurate depiction of the Dune he imagined.



The Note in the Mad Hatter’s Hat

bday 10-6 mad hatter day 6

Today is officially recognized as National Mad Hatter Day.The original artwork by John Tenniel in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” features the Mad Hatter – always with a hat bearing the note “In This Style 10/6”.While this note would typically indicate the hat style would cost 10 shillings and sixpence, this artistic detail is what landed this eccentric holiday on the date of October 6 (10/6).

The Day the Crayons Quit


By Drew Daywalt, Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers (Philomel)

When young Duncan opens his coloring box, Duncan discovers his crayons gone and in their place, a collection of letters explaining why they’ve quit. His crayons have essentially gone on strike, complaining of their poor working conditions –  each color has their own sad story to tell.  Red is overworked (coloring fire engines and covering the big holidays of Christmas and Valentine ’s Day). Beige is underworked (and suggests more fields of wheat in drawings).Yellow and Orange both believe they are the true color of the sun and are not currently speaking to each other. And poor White doesn’t even get used without Black’s outline! The resignation letters are hilarious – and full of the crayons’ self-serving tips for young readers to discover new ways to use ALL the colors at their disposal. From the furious scribbler to the finicky colorist, the laugh-out-loud title will become a top shelf favorite for every budding artist in the family.

Reviewed and recommended by “A Page in a Book” by Gerry Smith

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