Devouring Good Books…On National Cake Decorating Day

It’s National Cake Decorating Day!

Seriously, there’s a calendar event for this. So, HEY!  It’s the perfect day to serve up these delectable images of literature-themed cake!

Raise your forks and tip your hats to the awesome friends and family who KNEW these particular cakes were PERFECT for their dedicated reader! (and go ahead and bend the knee to the amazing cake artists who created these masterpieces!)

Harry Potter Cake (via

bday 10-15 Harry Potter cake

Hobbit Home in the Shire Cake (via imgur)

cake hobbit shire

Eye of Sauron Cake (via

cake eye sauron lotr

Narnia Birthday Cake (via Cake Wrecks)

cake narnia

Game of Thrones Cake (via

cake game of thrones iron

A Map of Middle Earth Cake (via groovycraftchick)

cake middle earth map lotr

Jane Austen Cake (via sprinklebakes)

cake jane austen

Lord of the Rings – Minas Tirith Cake  (via

cake LOTR Minas Tirith

Hogwarts Cake (via

"Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix" Premiere

The Hunger Games Cake (via

cake the hunger games

Effie Trinket Cupcakes (via

cake hunger games effie trinket cupcakes

Where the Wild things Are Cake (via

cake where wild things are

Alice in Wonderland Cake (via zentertainment)

cake alice wonderland

Wizard of Oz Cake (via

cake wizard of oz

And last, but not least…. BOOM!

Moby Dick Cake (via tumblr)

cake moby dick 2

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